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Different Programming Language courses covered by Programming Language Assignment Help Online

The set of instruction given to a computer to perform specific functions is known as program. And the language in which these instructions/codes are written is known as the programming language. The first programming language was developed in 1950s and since then till date there have been more than 500 other languages developed. In Programming Language Assignment Help Online, we have highlighted the most popular programming languages. 

  • Python- It is a simple yet beautiful language that is preferred by people who are new to coding. This is because it is not a complex language and its syntax are not that complicated as compared to other programming languages like C and C++. Python is used to handle big data, connect to databases, create web applications, etc. The python language can be treated in any of the three ways- functional way, object-oriented way or procedural way. The basic concepts in python consists of statements-switch, if and else. Loops, functions, comments, datatypes, computing with strings, object-oriented design, client-side scripting, graphical user interfaces, etc.
  • C#- In order to maintain coding standards, C# follows a naming convention- Underscore Prefix, Camel Case and Pascal Case. Students can refer Programming Language Assignment Help Online to know more related concepts with C# like .Net Framework, multithreading, exception handling, polymorphism, inheritance, classes, objects, control statements, namespace, interface, abstract class, strings, arrays, encapsulation, collections, File IO, etc. C# is influenced by other programming languages like Java, C and C++. C# is used for developing gaming applications, development of applications and software.
  • Java- It is an object-oriented programming language that is widely used by programmers because of its flexibility and versatility. Java programming language has great features like it supports multithreading and is platform independent. The main concepts in java language are- graphical user interface, object-oriented concepts, wrapper classes, method overriding, inheritance, exception, initializer block, method chaining, constructor chaining, static and non-static data, etc. It is used in scientific applications, enterprise applications, embedded systems, games development, web applications, mobile applications, android apps, etc. To have a crystal-clear knowledge of all these concepts, avail experts’ help at Programming Language Assignment Help Online.
  • Programming Language for all level- We also provide online assignment help with other programming languages, including- MySQL databases, C, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, CSS, Perl, Ruby, PHP, XQuery, Smalltalk, Go programming, Delphi programming, Cobol, visual basic net, R programming, CPP, Perl 6, C Shell, xml, Unix Shell, common intermediate language, etc. 

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