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Different microeconomics subjects covered by Microeconomics Assignment Help Online

The branch of economics that deals with the study of economy in a single unit- or can be said as the study of an individual, or organization of an individual, etc. To know more about microeconomics, refer this article and visit our website by following Microeconomics Assignment Help Online link. Following are some important concepts of microeconomics that have been highlighted by us.

  • Opportunity cost- It is one of the most important factors in business used to determine the overall capital structure of an industry or organization. In order to calculate the value of a decision, explicit costs and total revenue variable are used by businesses. Now explicit costs are deducted from total revenue to find out the value of a decision. It is used to take decisions regarding national priorities, determining factor prices, determining economic rent and determining factor prices. Microeconomics Assignment Help Online tells us more about microeconomics and different types of opportunity costs. Marginal opportunity cost, implicit cost and explicit cost are its three types.
  • Elasticity- In simple terms, elasticity is defined as the relationship between price and revenue. The demand is said to be inelastic when revenue and price move in the same direction. Whereas, the demand is said to be elastic when revenue and price move in opposite direction. There is another scenario where the demand is unit-elastic; it is when the revenue is not affected with the price change. The elasticity of demand is determined by the definition of the market, luxury versus necessity goods, adjustment time, share of budget and existence of substitutes.
  • Supply and demand- There is a law of supply and demand which every business follow. According to it, whenever the price of a commodity is high, the demand for the same will be low. And, whenever the price of a commodity is low, the demand for the same will be high. The experts at Microeconomics Assignment Help Online are readily available to help students with all assignments related to microeconomics. All they have to do is visit the website and get connected with the experts.
  • Microeconomics for all level- Microeconomics Assignment Help Online brings us all the topics and concepts included in microeconomics, such as concept and revenue, factors affecting demand, characteristics of wealth, allocation of resources, marginal utility, market supply curve, price elasticity of demand, monopolistic competition, investment demand, factors influencing real wages, constituents of net profit, oligopoly, etc.

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